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GSA Federal Schedule:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting A General Services Administration Contract

eBook Version is Available

What is a GSA Schedule?

In these tough uncertain times, many corporations are laying off and downsizing but the Federal Government is still in the business of funding GSA contracts…. at least $40 billion dollars’ worth. From automobiles to zippers, the government buys just about everything. Want to know how to garner some of that business? 


GET your company listed as an approved contractor for the General Services Administration (GSA).

GSA the Easy Way: The Step-by-Step Guide to A Federal Contract Award provides all the steps you need to follow to submit your company for a GSA Schedule.

Why Become a GSA Vendor?

Why should you become a GSA Approved Vendor?

  • It is the most widely used Government Contract accounting for over $40 billion in sales

  • It provides unique access to RFPs in the eBuy system

  • It helps companies of all sizes, but for small businesses, it provides a better advantage to access federal government projects

  • It simplifies the sales process and is the used by buyers and procurement offices as an efficient way to purchase goods and services

Having a GSA contract also means you can work with the GSA Advantage Program, the database that lists your goods and services, and are made available to federal agencies. With your listing on the site, you can win government contracts without having to do any additional marketing.


Getting on a GSA Schedule is complicated, but this guide makes it EASY.

About the book
Why Buy a GSA Step-By-Step Guide 

While most are completely lost as to where to begin, I want to give you the exact steps to submit your company for a GSA Schedule. And make your business THRIVE.


If you want to get a GSA Contract and open up a whole new world of income doing business with the Federal Government, and you want an itemized guide of how to do it, this may be the most important book you read and follow Step-By-Step.   


If you are a beginner in federal contracting and need the steps to start your journey to success, this book is for you! 


This book will show you exactly what I did to garner over $2 million dollars in government contracts.


Getting a company listed as an approved contracted for the GSA is typically a challenging process. This is

why hardly anyone knows how to do it. In fact, most guides provide the opening few steps and leave business owners to do the rest alone. This book does not just start you on the process…it guides you ALL the way through.


During such unsettling times, business owners need to explore all avenues of making money. Reading this guide could be the first step towards a brighter future. 


Here's What You're Getting!

In Chapter 2, you will learn the important prerequisites.

In Chapter 3, learn how to download your specific documents for your particular schedule.

In Chapter 4, learn all the necessary steps to GSA success.

In Chapter 5, learn the submission process.

In Chapter 6, you will learn important TIPS, TRICKS and HINTS!!​

What You Get in This Step-By-Step GSA Guide 

In Chapter 2, learn the important prerequisite steps.

In Chapter 3, learn how to download specific documents for your particular schedule.

In Chapter 4, learn all the necessary steps to GSA success.

In Chapter 5, learn the submission process.

In Chapter 6, learn important TIPS, TRICKS and HINTS!!​

What To Do Next...BUY THE BOOK!
What to do next

The “cost” of this book is $19.99, and you instantly get it as a PDF download complete with valuable active links.


You can access your book anywhere!


I bought 5 books that I thought would be like mine, only to find out they merely gave you SOME steps but stopped short of giving you all the answers and steps because they wanted you to purchase their full

package and do the work for you…at a STEEP Cost.  You don’t need to do that.  All you need is this book.


This book is comprehensive with exact links needed to complete most tasks!

About the author

About the Author

My name is Deborah Elias, CSEP, CMP, CIS, President of Elias Events, an event planning company based in Houston, Texas. For 10 successful years, I have had my GSA schedule and because of this, have been awarded over 20 lucrative contracts garnering millions in sales. I hope this book inspires you to get your schedule/contract and enjoy the benefits of doing business with the federal government. 

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